Road Test Information

Points to consider before booking your road test

1) Review transportation's helpful guide to  Preparing for Your Road Test.

2) Your vehicle, or the vehicle you are borrowing must be properly insured, registered, and meet the following standards:

The lights, horn, speedometer, brakes, steering, exhaust, and mirrors must be in all working order.  Windshield view must be unobstructed. Tires must have safe tread and safe rims. Seats must be securely fastened to vehicle and have working seat belts.  Vehicle must have enough fuel to complete the road test.

Vehicle Safety: The driver examiner will determine the safety of the vehicle prior to the Road Test. If the Examiner determines that the vehicle is not safe the Road Test will be cancelled and all fees paid will be lost.

Compliance or failure to comply with these Safety Standards is at the sole discretion of the driver examiner. Failure to comply will result in the loss of all fees paid.

3) The examiners request that no pot helmets be worn for Class 6 road tests as the wind interferes with the two-way radio used for communication.

*All driver examiners are government employees and are not associated with the registry office.*

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