Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the difference between a Trade Name and an Incorporation?

A: Please  click here for the advantages and disadvantages of each business type.

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Q: Where can I get a GST number and WCB?

A: These two services aren't done through registry offices. You can visit the  CRA's webpage for information on GST numbers, and WCB's site for information on Worker's Compensation.

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Q: How do I register a non-profit society?

A: We can help you with the  name search (NUANS report)  for your society. Once you have completed the search you can visit Service Alberta - Corporate Registry to have your organization registered with the Alberta government.


Q: My car is over ten years old. Do I need an inspection?

A: As long as the vehicle is active in the Alberta system the registry does not require any inspection, no matter how old it is. If you'd like to confirm your vehicle's status you can call, email, or online chat one of our agents.

*Please note that your insurance company may still request an inspection of their own.

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Q: I have a vehicle registered in another province. How do I get Alberta plates for it?

A:  Some vehicles will require an out of province inspection, while others may be exempt. Details on this process can be found   here on our site. If you would like to discuss it further please feel free to chat or phone an agent. 

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Q: How can someone register my vehicle for me?  

A: If you give someone your bill of sale, insurance, and a signed Authorization for Vehicle Services form they can register your vehicle on your behalf.


Q: Do I have to own the vehicle I want to use for the road test?

A: No, as long as the vehicle is properly insured, registered, and meets all safety standards you can use it on your road test.


Q: What is the minimum age for an identification card?

A: The minimum age is 12 years old, and the child must have parental consent in order to obtain it.

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Q: I've just gotten married. How do I change my name on my ID/driver's licence?

A: You can bring your  marriage certificate into the registry to have your name changed.


Q: Do you have a Commissioner of Oaths and a Notary Public at your office? 

A: Unfortunately we do not have a Notary Public at our registry. But we do have commissioners on staff at all times, at all three of our locations. There is no need for an appointment, you can stop by anytime during our regular business hours.

Q: Do I need to pay my overdue fines before receiving services? 

A: Fines must be paid in full before any motor vehicle or driver's licence services can be provided.