Land Title Searches

In order to process an Alberta land title search listed the legal description is always required. The legal description may be obtained from a tax notice, purchase agreement, or directly from the respective municipality.

Cancelled Title

Confirms the date of transfer of ownership, which may be required for a variety of reasons.  

Current Title

Provides the current status of the title, the registered owners, and any caveats against the property.

Historical Search

History of a specific title may be searched back to a specified date, or as far back as the history goes.  

Mineral Rights

Provides the current status of the mineral rights.  

Purchase Alberta Land Title Search

Fee = $22.00 (per search)

Document Search

Document registered on a land title may be retrieved with this search. Documents registered on a land title may include the following documents: builder’s lien, caveat, maintenance order, mortgage, utility right of way, etc.  In order to do a document search you must provide the specific Document Registration Number.

If you do not have the Document Registration Number then you can order a Current Title Search first, which will display all of the Documents Registered to the title. Then using the Document Registration Number you may obtain a copy of the Document with a Document Search. Note – One document per search fee. 

Purchase Alberta Land Title Document Search

Fee = $22.00 (per search)