Licence Suspensions & Reinstatements

Alberta drivers can have their driver’s licence suspended for liquor-related violations, accumulation of demerit points, or an administrative suspension.

In all cases the suspended driver will be given reinstatement conditions. These conditions must be met before the driver’s licence can be reinstated.

Time Length Of Suspension

  • Less that one year – reinstatement requires the payment of the appropriate fee.
  • Over one year but less than three – A basic road test must be taken. When passed the previous class of licence will be reinstated.
  • Over three years – All previous driving credits are lost. The driver must start as a new driver.

Note: There may be other reinstatement conditions beyond the ones listed. For details please visit one of our offices with ID and we can view the specific requirements on your file.

Types of Suspensions and Fees: 

Administrative Suspensions
Reinstatement Fee = $59.00 (incl GST)

Demerit Point Suspensions
Reinstatement Fee = $59.00 (incl GST)

Liquor Related Suspensions
Reinstatement Fee = $209.00 (incl GST)