Personal Property Lien Registrations

The term "personal property" is used to describe consumer goods such as cars, household and personal items, industrial or farming equipment or aircraft. Financial interests in personal property must be registered in the Personal Property Registry to avoid possible loss or legal conflicts. It is very important to keep in mind that registration of your interest in the Personal Property Registry does not guarantee priority over all other interests. It is however, a necessary step to protect your interest.

Personal Property Lien Registrations can only be done in person. This site provides information and links to required forms. There is a list of Lien Registration forms below. To download the desired form simply select the title and click. Once the form is complete bring it to one of our locations during regular office hours for processing the registration.

Garage Keeper’s Lien Registration – $25.00 Click here for the PDF form

Personal Property Security Registration (1 year + $2.00/additional year) – $19.00 Click here for the PDF form
(data entry charges may apply for additional pages)

Personal Property Change Statement– $20.00 Click here for the PDF form
Writ of Enforcement – Registration – $30.00  Click here for the PDF form
NOTE: The Writ of Enforcement Registration form must have a Court Stamp before it can be registered.

Writ of Enforcement – Addendum – $20.00 Click here for the PDF form

In addition to the above Personal Property Registration Forms there are a number of other Forms available from the Alberta Personal Property Registry website. Our pricing will vary depending on the Form Type you require.

Download Additional Personal Property Forms PDF