Alberta NUANS Reports

When incorporating a business there are two options available. The company can have a unique name or the computer can generate a numbered company. If you choose a numbered company there is no need for a name search report (NUANS). If you would like a named company, an Alberta NUANS report is required.

*Please note that both Society (non profit) and Federal level searches must be done in person at the registry.*

*If you are a registered corporation in BC or Saskatchewan and wish to extra-provincially register in Alberta, please contact your provinces’ agent as you fall under NWPTA. A NUANS report may not be necessary.*

Using names that are identical or similar to already existing names is not allowed; the NUANS report lists already existing names and trademarks that could prevent your desired name from being available. When you search a name with In & Out Registry a qualified agent will review this list on your behalf and include a letter with the NUANS detailing their recommended action.

When ordering your Alberta NUANS report your company name must contain these three components:

1.  Distinction

- Your distinctive word choice is what will set your company apart from its’ competitors.

Example:  Herbert’s Auto Repairs Ltd. There are many auto repair shops, but adding ‘Hebert’s’ to the name allows customers to identify your specific company.

2.  Description

-This tells your prospective customers what services your company can provide for them.

Example: Herbert’s  Auto Repairs Ltd. This clearly lets people know your line of work, avoiding confusion and unnecessary inquiries.

3.  Legal element

-All incorporated companies must end in a legal element that shows that they are a unique legal entity.

Example: Herbert’s Auto Repairs  Ltd.

There is no significant difference between the legal elements. You can choose from any one of the following:

-Limited or Ltd.

-Limitée or Ltée

-Incorporated or Inc.

-Incorporée or Inc.

-Corporation or Corp.

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Fee = $55.00 (per report with 3 company names pre-searched, and your best option fully searched)