Vehicle Registry Fees

*All prices include GST.

License Plate Fees

License Plate Services Cost Additional Notes
New License Plates (personal) A Prorated amount of $93.00
New License Plates (commercial) * Price varies depending on vehicle use and weight
New License Plate (motorcycle) A prorated amount of $54.00
New License Plate (dealer) $194.00 Additional documentation may be required
License Plate Replacements $28.00 With existing registration
License Plate Renewals A prorated amount of $93.00
License Plate Renewals (motorcycle) A prorated amount of $54.00
Transferring A Registration $28.00
Antique Vehicle Plates $39.00
Trailer Pate $163.00 One time registration fee
Personalized Plates
   Personalized Plate $245.00 One time order fee
   Exchange Fee $28.00 One time exchange fee
Change Of Address
   Personally Owned Vehicles $9.00
   Vehicles Registered To A Business $9.00
Cancelling Registration $9.00