Replacing Your Licence/ID Card Remotely

If you are temporarily out of the province or homebound due to medical conditions and need to either replace or renew your Alberta Driver’s Licence/ID Card you may apply for a Remote Renewal service. This will allow Alberta to send out a new licence/ID without you being present at an Alberta Registry office. 

Please note:

  • A driver’s licence that is currently suspended is not eligible for this service
  • A driver's licence or ID card that has been expired for over 6 months will require proof of Canadian entitlement to be submitted with the application
  • Our registry does not offer pick up services

To apply, you must submit a completed  Renewal/Replacement Licence Form .

You may submit your application by one of the following methods:

  • Fax: 587 400-6762
  • Email:

Once our office receives your request we will review your documents and contact you by email informing you of:

  • Any corrections that need to be made to the application
  • Any questions the government has regarding your application

The fee for this service will be one of the following:

  • $28.00 for a 1 year replacement
  • $26.00 for a 1 year driver's licence renewal/$14.00 for a 1 year ID card renewal

The required fees must be paid by one of the following methods:

  • In person at the Registry by an authorized third party.
  • Credit card online using a secure payment link (an additional charge of $2.00 applies).

Once your application has been approved we will contact you via email with instructions on how to send payment.

After payment is received we will then submit your application for processing. Processing times are estimated at:

  • Temporary licence/ID card via email (no photo) - 2-3 business days
  • Real licence/ID received via mail -  Approx 10 business days

*Please note that if you are approved for the Remote Renewal you will be required to provide proof of Alberta residency and legal presence upon your next registry service.*