Driver's Licensing Fees

*All prices include GST.

Driver's License Road Test Fees

Licence Class
4 $141.00
5B (GDL) $89.00
5A (Non GDL) $138.00
6 $143.00
6A (For examiners) $143.00
Car Rental $63.00

For road testing details please click here.


Driver's License Knowledge Testing

License Classification Cost of Knowledge Test Description
*All knowledge tests $17.00 *Knowledge testing costs the same for all classes of licenses

Other Driver's Licence & Related Services

Service Type Cost of Service Additional Information
Change of Address $28.00  
Identification Card  $49.00  
Driver's License Renewals $93.00 *All classes 5 year renewal.
License Class Changes $28.00  
License Suspensions & Reinstatements    
Administrative Suspensions $59.00  
Demerit Point Suspensions $59.00  
Liquor Related Suspensions $209.00  
 Out Of Province License Exchange (within Canada) $93.00  
 Foreign Territories With Reciprocal Agreements $93.00  
 Other Foreign Territories *not published